TradeHub is  one of the leading live crabs  exporter from Bangladesh, We can supply  live crab for your maximum quantity requirement. We are exporter of live mud & sea crab from Bangladesh. Keen interest importing country Taiwan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia etc. We are also looking for buyers from Japan and Korea. Our live mud crabs are collected from worlds big Mangrove forest name sunder-ban We have also our own pond where we do breeding and keep stock for further sale. Bangladesh exports near about 1,200 tones of crabs a year; China is the single largest country import crabs from Bangladesh. Our country’s crabs are also being exported to around 18 countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan,Japan,Singapore,Korea the USA & some European countries.

           We believed that we have the ability to supply Crabs items at competitive price due to purchase directly from our fisherman. We have huge experience in handling all types of crabs. We have the confidence and the commitment to supply highest quality crabs to our current and new clients around the world. To ensure that each shipment is of the highest quality; we follow our own guideline of making sure that every crabs items we handle is the best quality possible. Any product that doesn’t meet our strict guideline is rejected without questions and will not go into export again. Your inquiries are welcome and we will provide you current quotation including other details.