Welcome to The World of TradeHub

             Tradehub has started its operation in the year 2013, spreading branches to remain close to our customer. Tradehub  trading company is a Bangladeshi-owned Trading house, Importer, Exporter and Consultants. Tradehub is well established and has been in business for over 4 years. Tradehub trades and sells a wide range of goods and services in Bangladesh. All international trading and consulting business is done under our company’s name. Tradehub was formed by a team of skilled executives with extensive experience in business. Tradehub established and runs a successful business which is a major challenge in today’s competitive market and has proved to possess an exciting  and highly rewarding prospect. Tradehub’s business approach is built around key principles- quality, flexibility, responsiveness, innovation, team work and transparency.

              Tradehub is well recognized by the Government of Bangladesh. Tradehub bids on many local tenders and has a great deal of experience and expertise in this area. It is well represented by local agents all over Bangladesh. Tradehub is well known to Bangladeshi customers for supplying no. 1 top quality products and services.  Tradehub also maintains a very close business relationship with many large and small, well known Bangladeshi companies. Tradehub is able to find markets for their products by buying and paying for these goods promptly at the plant, specifying, developing and sometimes investing in new products. Tradehub services buyers around Bangladesh by arranging to fulfill their needs through delivering at their doorstep on time, goods of guaranteed quality at the right price. Tradehub is staffed by expert multilingual traders and support personnel, working together in a smooth running team operation. It is also seeking new partners in renewable energy sector or in any business in developing countries, projects with any well established worldwide companies.

                Tradehub welcomes all enquiries, small or large, which receives our full attention.